About Life Fusion

Core Technology

High-purity Medical Grade Collagen Extraction Technology

Life Fusion Inc. (Life Fusion) has developed patented high-purity medical grade collagen extraction technology as its company core competence, targeting biomedical and skincare applications.

Features of collagen:
  1. Collagen acts as main structural protein of extracellular matrix in the various connective tissues in animals, which forms 25-35% of protein in human body. Being a major component of connective tissue, it decides elasticity of skin structure and wound healing performance
  2. Collagen, a hypoallergenic biomaterial, has high biocompatibility, less pyrogenic reaction and good effect in exudate absorption, which has been used on regeneration of organ, skin, bone, skeleton and chronic ulcers. These years, collagen’s domination has been expanded into skincare product ingredients.

Biomaterial applications of collagen: Life Fusion launches own brands and offers OEM & ODM services as well.

  • Medical Devices
Periodontal Regeneration Membrane
Collagen Wound Dressing
Bone Graft
Hemostatic Dressings
Collagen Powder
Collagen Powder
  • Skincare Field— 
Skincare & Probiotics Products: own brand—FÉELIFE
  • Certificates—
GMP certificate for medical device
Teamed up with experienced R&D team, Life Fusion Inc. founded in Southern Taiwan Science Park devotes itself to such potential and high-end biomaterial markets; Continuous improvement and working closely with Southern Taiwan Medical Industry Cluster and universities has improved our R&D capabilities and created our competitive advantage in this industry.